There are two things that can bring complete strangers together as if they were old friends: dogs and beer.

While I love talking about my dog to strangers, some people find it a little weird. But, for some reason, people in a bar don’t mind when a stranger strikes up a conversation.

Enter, me. Starting in 2016, I am making it my goal to visit every brewery in Minnesota and meet a stranger, asking for a piece of life advice. I’ll also share some photos of the space, and let you know what beer I tried.

That’s about all I’ve got. I’m just a human, drinking beer.

P.S. I take all the photos included in this blog (including those above). Please don’t steal them.

Want to follow along on my adventures? Follow me on Twitter @katelynreg and on Instagram @katelyn.reg

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  1. GrantJM says:

    Same quest – visit all the MN breweries. I’ve checked off about 45 so far. Love your site. Great photos and snapshots of the ‘lives inside the walls’


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