The Nordic

I continued a weekend of Norse brewery experiences in Monticello’s The Nordic. The brewery is located inside a strip mall, but their branding aims for something far different: a taste of fantasy.

The space offers a range of styles, from the more organic stone, lanterns, and up-north hewn pine to edgy local art. An enormous event hall is attached to the more traditional taproom space.

I tried a handful of beers, but the most notable for me was the My Pandy Plus (6.5%, 30 IBUs). It’s a lager brewed with roasted malts and pineapple, and it tastes exactly like a Hawaiian pizza. Anyone who tells you that pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza is wrong, and this beer is proof of it. The smoky flavors intertwine with the pineapple’s sweetness, and the result is juicy and warming.

Owner and co-founder of The Nordic, Zach Barthel, offered me this advice: “If you spend every day trying to get to the moon, eventually you’ll be on the moon.” His advice rings of perseverance, as it’s demonstrated by an unwavering commitment to a goal. It’s also perfectly on-brand with the epic fantasy sagas that inspire their branding, like Lord Of The Rings.

Let us continue in our ultimate quest of finding more great beer!

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