AEGIR Brewing Company

Despite not living there for the majority of the last eight-ish years, I still find myself calling Anoka home. Right next door to my hometown is the city of Elk River, also known as the home of Sonic’s late-night happy hour, which is by far the best thing a stone-cold sober high school girl could ask for on a Saturday night.

Oh, how the tables have turned. This trip to Elk River involved zero Sonic drive thru’s and a flight of beer instead. This time around was far preferable.

AEGIR Brewing Company is on Main Street in the steadily developing downtown area of Elk River. From name to decor, AEGIR is heavily inspired by Noridc culture. The name is pronounced uh-year if I remember correctly, but YouTube is telling me ee-jeer. Please link me a great pronunciation video via the comments!

The taproom is smaller than I expected it to be, but it’s in a way that feels intentional rather than cramped. Long tables are laid out in such a manner you can hear the folks behind you without feeling like you’re sitting in one another’s laps. A stage in what was probably once a display window promises local talent later that evening.

Beautiful wood carvings and burnings adorn the tables and walls throughout the taproom. Such time-consuming pieces of art create a sense of gravity in the space, implying a longer history than might exist.

Some details about the beer I tried:

  • Allfather Porter 6.9% ABV / 40 IBUs
  • Valhoppa Hazy 6.6% / 59 IBUs
  • Aegir IPA 7.2% / 52 IBUs
  • Idunns Apple 5.1% / NA IBUs
  • Fenrir Dark Rye 5.5% / 66 IBUs
  • Shield Maiden’s Blonde 5.2% / 21 IBUs

The Blonde and Apple were both notably good, but my surprise favorite was the Fenrir Dark Rye. It’s earthy and roasty in all the right ways without being too thick or dark, making it the perfect cold weather beer for me.

I received advice from the beertender, Chloe, fell along the lines of traveling often (something I often hear in this blog), but with a new twist. She told me, “Retire young so you can do what you want while you’re able, and then work til you die, and you’ll die happy.” Chloe doesn’t mean to work on excel spreadsheets until you’re 50 and then retire (unless that fills your bucket, I guess), but instead to quit your full time job at 27 and spend a couple years living in Ireland before returning stateside to pour beer in a one-bathroom taproom. Yeah, that’s my kind of retirement.


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