Clutch Brewing

In September 2018, the Keg and Case Market in St. Paul opened its doors to a swarm of Minnesotans. The indoor vendor space is reminiscent of Lake Street’s Midtown Global Market, thought its vendors are of a different variety. Rather than focusing on an international cultural experience, the marketplace is home to trendy, craft vendors such as foraged mushrooms and delectable macarons. Above the hustle of cotton candy and floral arrangements, on a wrap-around second floor mezzanine, is Clutch Brewing.

Due to its location within the market, Clutch Brewing’s drinking area is different from most taprooms. While there is a bar and a few dedicated tables for the brewery, the majority of what the eye can see is related to the market. The result is some amazing people watching with a good beer in hand.

That being said, Clutch does a good job of standing out within the space. The reflective golden penny bar, colored lights, and chalkboard menus draw the eye right to Clutch.

I got to try two solid beers here:

  • Hypnotoad New England IPA / 6.8% ABV / 42 IBU
    • Made with honey from Worker B, a vendor in the Keg and Case Market. This Pale Ale is hopped with Simcoe and Centennial.
  • Four Stroke Double Pale Ale With Honey / 9.6% ABV / 69 IBU
    • A Juicy NE IPA with notes of pineapple, stone fruits, and citrus. This hypnotizing IPA features with Citrus, Mosaic, and Amarillo hops.

As it turned out, the two bartenders pouring drinks that night are in a relationship. As they were about to head out on a trip to Belize together, their natural advice to me was to “travel often.” The couple has been to 68 countries, including attending a Paul McCartney concert in Tokyo.

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