La Doña Cervezería

When I heard a Mexican-inspired brewery was opening in Minneapolis, I didn’t quite know what to expect. What I do know, is that La Doña exceeded whatever expectations I held subconsciously.

The building fulfills the urban warehouse vibe of a Minneapolis taproom, but it’s immediately warmed up by bright colors, murals, and dropped lighting. Flagsmash was serving at the indoor kitchen, which was a small miracle because their jackfruit quesadillas will ruin you for all other quesadillas.

I drank El Rey y La Reyna, two light IPAs with an extremely mild hop background.

  • El Rey / 6.1%, 61 IBU / Earthy and vibrant citrus aromas and flavors resulting from a cascade and citra hop pairing.
  • La Reyna / 6.3%, 73 IBU / Simcoe and Mosaic Hops offer tropical citrus and piney aromas and flavors.

My group spent the evening playing games, watching futból on the televisions, and wistfully staring at the futsal courts outside. We left around 9pm, just as the weekly Saturday night salsa dancing was about to turn up. Of course, I’ll be returning some day to partake in that fun.

I requested advice from a couple of the female beertenders, who conferred before telling me hilariously, “Squat low when you pee outside.” Well, ladies, I’ve learned that lesson the hard way. Let’s pass it along so nobody else has to.


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