Spiral Brewery

The town of Hastings is near to my heart. It’s where I spent most of my holidays, eating too many fancy chocolates at my Great Grandma’s house. It’s where my dad spent his summers, riding bikes and going fishing.

The chance to return to Hastings to visit Spiral Brewery was a treat. The brewery is located in charming downtown, an area filled with history. In fact, were the city’s iconic Spiral Bridge still standing, it would run right through the taproom.

Spiral’s warm lighting and copper ceilings offered a great respite from the freezing temperatures outside. The brewery was filled with people, from young couples beginning their Friday night adventures to business folk pulling tables together. Through the cozy buzz of happy drinkers, the beertender offered me recommendations from the tap list, which was scrawled on chalk boards behind the bar.

I enjoyed a handful of beers, including:

LeDuc Red IPA, 6.5%
Downward Spiral IPA, 7.4%
Hazy Backer New England IPA 7%
Toboggan Club Dunkelweizen 5.5%
Second Street Rye Saison, 6.8%

Lucas, the beertender who remembered my name from checking my ID, gave me this advice: Look before you leap.

He qualified this advice by adding a quote from Thomas Jefferson, “Never make decisions angry. If you have to walk away and count to 10. If you’re really angry, count to 100.”

Lucas’s advice comes well-timed. As I write this, I am two days away from entering the second half of my twenties—the age in which an adult supposedly gets her shit together. Rather than taking life as it hits me and pursuing ideas as they strike my fancy, it’s time to start looking (and perhaps even leaping).

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