Hoops Brewing

Well, my friends, this is my final post on Beer & Life (until a new brewery opens). But as of now, I’ve officially visited every taproom in Minnesota.

Hoops Brewing, Duluth’s newest brewery, is the product of a Minnesota beer veteran. The taproom and beer show it.

Located in Canal Park, Hoops’ taproom is an immense space with beautiful chandeliers and a variety of seating. The tap list captures a broad range of beer. I sampled four:

  • No. 88 Nitro Stout
  • No. 21 IPA
  • No. 1225 Cherry Ale—literally tasted like a cherry pie in the best way
  • No. 5051 Dunkel—spice and molasses notes with a bit of chocolate

I enjoyed all four from my spot at the bar, but the last two were particular favorites.

As one of the few early risers in the taproom, it was easy for me to ask the beertender for advice for this blog. He told me, “Stay calm in all situations. If anything does go wrong, stay calm and have a clear head. Even if you can pretend to stay calm, everyone else will, too.”

One of the hardest parts of staying calm in a “crisis” is snapping yourself out of the downward spiral into crazy. That’s why calmness is a practice rather than a personality trait; it’s difficult to resist the temptation of chaos, but control is far more productive: logistically and emotionally.

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