Dubh Linn Irish Pub

Dubh Linn is a classic Irish pub in the heart of Duluth. It boasts an impressive whiskey selection, which is dangerous—especially when your day starts at 11am.

Despite the whiskey selection, I stuck mostly to beer. I ordered the Milk Stout, Maple Amber, Peach Radler, and Celtic Equinox IPA

I also enjoyed my guiltiest pleasure: spinach and artichoke dip. Just prepping my stomach for a marathon of beer drinking, ya know?

My server was a young guy from Florida. He told me, “I’m a big believer in treating people how I want to be treated. I’m a ‘ma’am and sir’ kind of person: showing people I respect them without really knowing them.”

I couldn’t agree more that respect is best shown in small interactions. Having enough respect for someone that it shows in the little moments (when you might forget to try) makes the other person feel important.

Plus, if you’re making grand “respectful” gestures, you might just look like you’re a huge suckup.


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