Roets Jordan Brewery

When I visited Roets-Jordan Brewery, it was a Sunday before halftime in the Vikings game. More people would come after church and the first half were over, I was informed.

The brewery is an expansive space with large street-facing windows. The branding, textures, and decor make the taproom a mixture of old-school bar and trendy new taproom.

I drank a variety of beer, including:

  • Jordan Pale – throwback American Pale Ale (6.2%, 58)
  • Stout – Jamaican style export (8%, 60)
  • Superfruit (12%)
  • Cherry tart wheat ale
  • Blueberry apple sour
  • Kettle sour with apple and pear (my favorite!)

Tim Roets, who was serving at the bar, was kind enough to offer me advice for the blog. He told me, “You work and you work and you work and you die. And if you own a brewery, you work a little more. It can be pretty depressing, but it can also be kind of nice.”

If reading that advice made you anxious, there’s a chance your work sucks. If you nodded your head in simple agreement, you might actually like your job. Consider this a litmus test for your career. Roets says he agrees with Sartre in the belief that Sisyphus was actually freeā€”he woke up every day knowing his purpose. Knowing you will work every day isn’t all bad if you have purpose and a goal.

Personally, I think the story of Sisyphus is still a little depressing, but that’s probably because my college philosophy courses were 80% over my head.

If you’re a philosopher, feel free to go nuts in the comments regarding all of the above.

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