Karst Brewing

In the course of six days, I travelled from Minnesota’s farthest Northwest brewery to its farthest Southeast.¬†One thing they had in common? SO much available parking, but so dark at night. Something I took for granted before living in Minneapolis.

Karst Brewing is a warm oasis in the town of Fountain. It’s packed with vintage beer imagery, old cans, and current growlers. Naturally, it was also filled with friendly people.

I enjoyed three beers here:

  • Maggie’s Farm Cream Ale (5.4% ABV, 16 IBU)
  • Edge of the Earth Oatmeal Stout (7% ABV, 25 IBU)
  • Top of the Trail IPA (5.1% ABV, 52 IBU)

The friendly woman behind the bar offered me advice for my adventure: “You have to be content, but that doesn’t mean apathetic.” She continued, reflecting on passion and standing up for what you believe in without stomping on others’ beliefs.

Contentedness is a space that means more than happiness while being still; it’s also an act of striving towards a goal. Staying still in your happiness too long is a fast track towards apathy and stagnancy.


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