Starry Eyed Brewing

The name Little Falls conjures up images of craft shows. Now, it also means craft beer. The taproom is surprisingly large with a great view of the brewhouse.

I ordered a full flight, which included the following:

  • SEB Saison (6.5% 24) – “Brewed extremely dry and highly carbonated. An addition of Grains of Paradise lend the beer hints of white pepper that mingle with those of citrus, vanilla, and cantaloupe.”
  • Stray Double IPA (8%, 100) – Made with Simcoe hops. “Smoother than the IBU’s would suggest…brings forth the decadent character of peaches and pine.”
  • SEB White IPA (5%, 15) – “Starry Eyed’s version of the traditional Belgian Witbier. …Uses traditional pilsner malt, unmalted wheat, bitter orange peel, and coriander for spicing.”
  • Robust Porter (5%, 25) – “A deliciously dark and substantial porter with increased strength and flavor,”

When I asked for advice, Co-Owner Kyle C. Kieffer offered me the following: “Do what you say you’re going to do.”

I might take Thomas’ advice one step further and say to hold yourself accountable. I often do what I said I would do not because of a sense of integrity, but because I hold myself accountable to others.

While getting stuff done is a good end goal, it’s important to not lose sight of the motivation behind completing a project. Am I doing something because a friend expects it of me, or because I expect myself to follow through on my word?

By answering to myself rather than someone else, I show myself respect (I trust myself to be accountable) and create an internal locus of control. My world becomes less about what I “should” do and/or blaming others for my lifestyle and reactions. Instead, it’s about building a strong sense of integrity with each commitment made.

A shift in accountability can also prevent one from taking on more responsibilities than I can handle. Sure, I want to do a project because a friend asks, but am I able to hold myself accountable to the deadline, or will they be forced to pester me? That’s no way to build a relationship.

So, here’s to doing less in order to do more. We’ll see how I do with that one…


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