Junkyard Brewing

The beer world has been raving about Junkyard Brewing for a while now, so I was glad to make the trip to Moorhead. That is, after I stuffed myself with shrimp fajitas from Mango’s in Fargo.

The brewery was filled with evening visitors, including a guy offering views of the super moon through enormous telescopes. I settled in next to two couples who were out for a night on the town (meet couple #1 with the peace sign). Obviously this was the start to a good night. We hung out, drank beer, and listened to a live DJ whose music was somewhere between hip hop and jazz, so that was amazing.

I drank an Acid Rain Hops (dry hopped kettle sour, 4.9%) and a Slurry (New England Double IPA 8%). I also tried a Shake-O-Matic, which you’ve likely seen plastered on Instagram. The beer was outstanding, and the space somehow covered the grounds of both local brewery and comfortable neighborhood bar. If it didn’t require several hours in the car, you’d probably find me here every weekend.

Allison, a beertender, offered me advice. Rather than simply bestowing wisdom upon me, she turned her comments inward: “I try to have empathy and respect for other people’s emotions, even if I don’t know where they’re coming from.”

That Allison framed her advice as a self reflection rather than a passing of knowledge says so much about how much she follows her own wisdom. Empathy often comes from a place of acknowledging how and why you are reacting to another person’s actions, not only sympathizing with their story. Especially in situations where you can’t sympathize with a stranger, controlling your own reaction might be your quickest path to respecting their emotions.

Also, Allison added, “Chill the fuck out.”

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