Revelation Ale Works

Revelation Ale Works was a long drive away. Multiple playlists, a handful of podcasts, and a couple naps far away. The only non-Canadians in the bar far away.

Located in the small border town of Hallock, Minnesota, Revelation packs a big punch for a small space. The old mechanic shop is now a mismatched, exposed-brick, sunshine-filled brewery and taproom.

I ordered a full flight, but two of the lineup were positively standout beers. The Rhubarb Blonde (5.1%, 13 IBU) and Cherry Sour Brown (5.5%, 25 IBU) both knocked it out of the park. The latter tasted like liquefied chocolate-covered cherries; it was the perfect balance of tart and creamy.

My beertender was Courtney, and she was kind enough to offer me some advice she’s learned through work: Do things that make you happy. She said, “I have a full time job outside of this, so working here can be a lot on top of 40 hours at my full time job. I’ve thought about quitting, but working here makes me so happy.”

Courtney finds fulfillment at the brewery (couldn’t agree more): it’s social, community-based, and there’s good beer!

Speaking like a true millennial, I couldn’t more highly recommend finding a side gig that fulfills you. Lately, I’ve been teaching YoogaBarre, freelance writing, and taking photos every chance I get. Plus, I’m lucky enough that side gigs have turned into full-time opportunities, too.

Unfortunately the gig economy isn’t the most sustainable lifestyle, so don’t forget that with passion, we must also seek balance.


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