Waldmann Brewery and Wurstery

Saint Paul’s newest craft brewery is also one of its oldest. According to The Growler, Waldmann’s space is a pre-Civil War era lager beer saloon. Beer and a history lesson, right?

This knowledge helps explain the unique layout of the brewery, which is a maze of small rooms and cozy lantern-lit nooks. On a Saturday night, parking was scarce (and the source of my second traffic ticket for this blog) and the brewery and restaurant was packed.

I narrowly navigated my way around the standing-room-only bar, somehow finding space for both my parka and my camera. Soon enough, I received my seasonal Hefeweizen (which was quite good—just the right weight for a fall beer).

After waiting it out (read: loitering), my group snagged a table in the bar area, where we enjoyed sausages and soft pretzels.

The staff expertly juggled a packed house that evening, and I finally was able to pull the beertender aside to ask him for advice. He told me: “You don’t have to be brave enough to ride the ride; you just have to be brave enough to get on it.”

For me, this advice has a similar ring to “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” However, it takes into consideration the fear of the unknown and adds in a healthy does of a “fuck it” attitude. That’s far more my style.

You don’t have to be brave enough to build your dream career, just to quit your job. It may seem impossible that you’d ever be able to hike the Grand Canyon, but you sure as hell can buy a pair of boots and a plane ticket. You get the gist.

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