Giesenbrau Biergarten

If you haven’t already, head to The Growler to read what I wrote about Giesenbrau for the Now Open (Or Damn Close) column. Here’s an excerpt:

Erin “Mutha Franklin” Hutton fell in love with biergartens while studying in Bavaria. He also fell in love there with a girl from New Prague named Anna Giesen. This is where Giesenbräu Bier Co.’s story begins.

Hutton’s interest in dialects brought him to Germany, where he studied “Niederbayerisch” (Lower Bavarian). However, as graduate school drew to a close, he realized the next step for people in his area of study were become a teacher or professor—neither of which interested him. Luckily, he had spent plenty of time studying Germany’s beer scene in addition to the language.

Friends encouraged Hutton to pursue his love of beer, but he knew he needed to build experience before opening his own biergarten stateside. Hutton and his now-wife, Anna, settled in his home state of Colorado, a place already rich in craft beer. There, Erin studied under Adam Draeger, the head brewer at Colorado Plus Brew Pub in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

As the Huttons discussed opening the brewery Erin had dreamt of for so long, the couple felt the pull of Anna’s hometown in Minnesota. New Prague still didn’t have its own brewery, and the real estate market was in their favor. And with the Huttons expecting their first child, the timing couldn’t have been better. In July 2016, Anna, Erin, and their two-month-old son made the move back to Minnesota.

The owners advised me that travel is important not only for the experience in diversity, but also because it offers one the chance to come home. “As happy as we were to travel in Germany, we were happy to come home. It shows you what you need.”

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