Chapel Brewing

Chapel Brewing is the latest addition to the growing list of taprooms in the Northfield area (Loon Liquors, Tanzenwald, and Imminent preceded it). Chapel is also the smallest of them all, but that’s not to say it doesn’t come with a big story. The location has a long history in the community: it served as a chapel (the brewery’s namesake), a local jail, a voting location, a schoolhouse, a photography studio, and more.

Now, as Dundas Minnesota’s only craft brewery and taproom, Chapel Brewing is adding its story to the ledger. I enjoyed a late afternoon flight on the patio, consisting of:

  • Kolsch – 5% – “Light in color, refreshing, and easy to drink”
  • Belgian Blonde – 6.5% – “Complex, slightly hazy and deceptively drinkable with a dry finish.”
  • Red IPA – 7% – “Notes of grapefruit, melon, and pine.”
  • Oatmeal Stout  6.2% – “Aggressively roasty with notes of coffee, chocolate, and smoke.”

When I requested advice from the unsuspecting man who took my order, he revealed to me he was the Head Brewer and Co-Owner—Andrew Burns. His advice to  me was: “Money spent to save you time is money well spent.”

I couldn’t agree more with Andrew’s advice here. For those who can afford it, spending money to save time can alleviate many of your stressors. If you’re anything like me, you look at a project (Pinterest party idea, taxes) and think, “I can do that myself.” Three hours and two trips to Target later, I’ve saved $10 and gained a few gray hairs.

Paying for a product or service to save yourself time can save you even more: headaches, patience, and a rough Thursday night. I’ll always be frugal, but now and then I’ll treat myself to the more convenient flight time and the take-out tacos. It just makes life better.


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