Rock Bottom Brewery

Rock BottomĀ  is a restaurant and brewery in Downtown Minneapolis. As a national chain, Rock Bottom isn’t a traditional “craft brewery” like nearly all the others I’ve visited. But, I kept it on the list because they do meet the requirement of brewing their own beer to serve in the restaurant.

I ordered a dinner and the Hibiscus Pride Wheat Ale (5.7% ABV, 30 IBU).

I asked my eager and friendly server for advice. At a moment’s request, he openly shared a very personal piece of advice he spent years learning: “Life is about the experiences you create. I was raised in an Orthodox Jewish household, and I was taught that everything you do should bring you closer to God. I’m not very religious now, but I still like the idea that everything you do should bring you closer to a goal.”

This advice resonated with me on multiple fronts. In fact, that sentiment is one of the reasons I started this blog. The way you spend your time, the hobbies you choose to pursue, and the people you surround yourself with all form the person you become.

If you spend your time running miles around Lake Calhoun, you will develop into a different person (for the time, anyway) than if your favorite activity is finding new ethnic restaurants with your boyfriend. Neither is better or worse than the other, but with every choice comes an opportunity cost, and it’s something we need to be aware of.

On the flip side, the kind of person you want to become should guide your choices. It’s impossible to be an “adventurous person” if you never do adventurous activities, and you’ll never become well-read if you don’t spend time reading every day.

Your time is a practice of your person, and this advice serves as a reminder that what you invest it in is what will grow.

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