Talking Waters

Montevideo is a town of 5,000 people in Southern Minnesota. It’s a fair distance from any other town of its size, making the local brewery more like a local watering hole. I visited the taproom at opening on a Sunday (like the good Lutheran I was baptized as).

The space seats a surprising number of people, given its cozy appearance. I ordered a flight of just about everything on the menu, including:

  • Farmer’s Tan – Cream Ale (5.8%)
  • Stony Run – Pale Ale (6%)
  • Gitche Gumee Gose – Sour German Wheat (5%)
  • Wet Hop American Summer – Fresh Hop IPA (6.5%)
  • Smoked Maple Amber – Amber Ale (4.9%)

My favorites were the Stony Run and Gitche Gumee Gose, so I promptly hoarded them from my DD/drinking buddy/camping chef.

After filling my mosquito-bitten body with beer, I asked my beertender for advice. She told me, “Always be willing to try new things.” At a relatively young age, she’s lived in several different cities, an experience she thinks positively impacts her life.

Whether it’s moving to a new city, going to a yoga class alone, or attending the annual, Arab Film Fesitval, trying new things is good for you. There is no growth without change.

An interesting tidbit: Loren Green explained the brewery’s name in an article written for The Growler:

As for the name, Talking Waters refers to Lac qui Parle Lake, which is French for “The Lake that Speaks” (as translated from its original Dakota name). It’s also a mission statement. “We want people to sit down and have good beer and good conversation,” Patton says. “This is a place to spark that kind of thing.”

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