Take 16 Brewing

In the corner of South Dakota and Iowa, near a blister-inducing but beautiful state park, is Take 16 Brewing. Luverne, MN’s population sits just shy of 4,700. Those few thousand are lucky ones, though. Their town, a hefty drive away from any other local brewery, is home to a quality, good-looking taproom.

My lineup included just about everything on the list (because why not?):

  • Sundown Nut Brown Ale (5.6% ABV, 28 IBU)
  • Country Mile Kolsch (4.6% ABV, 13 IBU)
  • Hayloft Hefeweizen (5.7% ABV, 15 IBU) **my favorite
  • Spin the Bottle Pale Ale (5.5% ABV, 55 IBU)
  • Kick the Can IPA (6.9% ABV, 60 IBU)

After drinking myself silly with craft beer, I asked the friendly beertender for advice. He told me, “As a father of four—with one on the way—I’ll say enjoy every moment you have with your children.”

Whether you have children, dogs (kind of like children, but furrier), or simply some really special people in your life, we all can practice more gratitude and presence in our relationships.

Sometimes it’s challenging to treasure every moment; maybe your kid has been crying for literally three days straight or they just pooped on your rug (hopefully the dog child, not the human one). Practicing gratitude in the easy times prepares us to respond with compassion in difficult times, which brings us goodness in so many ways.


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