Alloy Brewing

I’m painfully slow in sharing this story, as I visited the brewery at the end of June. My apologies! In the meantime, I hope you’ve been able to read my article over at The Growler for even more details and fun.

Alloy Brewing is the north metro’s newest beer addition. The business was inspired by four guys’ weekly homebrew night, and it came together through the serious teamwork of seven people (the additional three are wives of the brewers). Between the multi-owner aspect and the fact that the space is actually three units stitched together, a name like alloy fits perfectly.

Once an auto shop, the taproom maintains the metallic masculine feel of an old-school oil change station, but it is warmed up by complements of wood and an oil spill-esque epoxy floor.

My advice came from Rob, who told me, “Don’t let anybody give you any shit.” I think that’s something people in my situation need to hear that more often. I’m young and inexperienced and more than willing to listen to what smarter people are willing to tell me about their area of expertise. But, a select few people will take one look at me and immediately start talking down to me. Don’t give those people your time; they’re not nearly as cool as they think they are. Spend more time listening to some chill-ass brewery owners who are so passionate about their work that they’ll share stories with a complete stranger.


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