Unmapped Brewing

Just a couple weeks after this Minnetonka brewery opened its doors, I stopped in to check it out for myself. The taproom is less than 30 minutes from my Uptown abode, which is practically next door considering how far I’ve driven for beer.

I decided to forgo the spacious patio, since Minnesota apparently thinks August is a good time to act like October. Inside, I ordered at the bar and found a spot in the cafeteria-style seating.

I sampled several beers, but I eventually settled in with the Saison Amelie (Petite Honey Saison, 4.4% ABV, 18 IBUs) and the Disorientation (Belgian Tripel, 8.9%, 22).

Each beer I tasted was delicious; not only did they quench my beer thirst, they also provided a truly pleasant experience for the palate.

A beertender brought me advice “from the top” (aka from the owners, who were in the back planning their grand opening event for the next day). They told me, “Live adventurously. Protect the environment and its inhabitants.”

This advice couldn’t be more fitting coming from a brewery that encourages you to get off the map. An urging to listen to your daring spirit is countered with the very real responsibility we all have to understand our pursuits as wholes, not just how we interact with them.

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