12welve Eyes Brewing


Read more about 12welve Eyes in the article I wrote in The Growler.

After watching these guys plan and build their brewery for months, it was a treat to finally sit down at the finished bar and order 9 (sorry, mom) beers.

The taproom is located in St. Paul’s Pioneer Endicott building, highlighted ┬áby a bold yellow entryway. Inside, walls are covered with murals and local art for sale. Drop ceilings and funky furniture diverge from the more classic beer hall-style taproom.

My beers included:

  • Cream Ale (5.3% ABV, 20 IBU)
  • Lowertown IPA (5.5%, 50)
  • Belgian Pale Ale (5%, 30)
  • Dry-Hopped Hefeweizen (5%, 15)
  • Lemon Hefeweizen (4.6%, 15)
  • Black IPA (4.6%, 70)
  • Summer Brown Ale (5.3%, 20)
  • Legacy Chocolate Stout (7.1%, 70)
  • Mosaic Wheat IPA (6.1%, 65)

Alas, I got a little too full (between the 4oz pours and my Hawaiian pizza), so I’ll have to return to finish the twelve-beer lineup.

I solicited advice from Elliot Grosse, one of the men behind the glasses. His sister and taproom manager, Abby, offered her input as well. I must qualify I went to school with Abby, and I’ve had several conversations with Elliot, so they were far more comfortable with me than most advisers.

“Life’s too short not to be chasing your dreams,” said Elliot. Abby interjected, “That’s generic as f*ck; don’t be a cliche.” So, he corrected himself. “Fine. The second you lose passion for what you’re doing, get out.”

Abby reminded us that it takes a certain level of privilege to be able to quit a job and start your own business, something Elliot agreed with and qualified by reminding me his advice comes strictly from his experiences.

Keeping that in mind, it’s pretty cool to see a 26-year-old (along with his co-owner and head brewer) making his way in the beer world.

I wholeheartedly respect the folks who were homebrewing craft beer in the 90s because Busch Light was their only alternative. And I understand there are some things only a bartender with years of industry experience can tell you (I’m lookin’ at you Dan from Inbound). But, it’s inspiring to see someone my age proving Millennials in the beer industry don’t entirely suck, and they can be just as committed as the old pros.

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