Ely Boathouse & Brewpub

I don’t know why it took me so long to make it to Ely, but I’ll never go that long again without a trip up there. After setting up camp at Bearhead Lake State Park (my favorite campground so far), we set up another camp at the local brewery. With some fresh walleye and a flight in hand, I probably could have stayed the night.

The lineup included a Blueberry Blonde that I was highly encouraged to sample (and eventually order a pint of).

My beertender, a librarian on her third day at the job, was a friendly young woman. Amidst the chaos of pouring shots for a group of fishermen/bros and serving food across the brewpub, she offered me a nugget of wisdom. “This might sound really cheesy, but it’s true. In the new Cinderella movie, their thing is ‘Have courage and be kind.'”

Given she looked a bit like Snow White, I think we should all trust this woman’s Disney Princess knowledge.

Sometimes being kind requires having a bit of courage. We (and Disney) oftentimes wrap up kindness with innate goodness, making it seem simple for good people to be kind. But, isn’t it quite the opposite? Working hard to be kind will in turn make you good.

So maybe it’s time we lay down our fears and our egos and our walls and opt for kindness instead. It might be hard, but I promise it will be good. Cinderella told me so.


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