Loony’s Brew


If you think a brewery trip can’t take you any further north, let me share with you Loony’s Brew in Ranier, Minnesota.

The sleepy town is a stone’s throw from Canada. Situated right on the water, Loony’s Pub is normally filled with live music and happy patrons. I happened to arrive on a quiet Saturday afternoon, which meant we had the pub mostly to ourselves.

I ordered a full flight (and then some) to get a full taste. The lineup included the Amaizing Cream Ale (ABV 5%, 16 IBU), Flying Squirrel Amber Ale (4.9%, 27), Voyageur Pale Ale  (4.7%, 39), Lost Boy IPA (5%, 59), and Stubborn Moose Dry Stout (4.5%, 40).

My beertender—the tie dye clad man you see pictured below—has started four businesses and is now investing himself in Loony’s. He told me, “Sometimes you have to jump in.”

The best part about jumping in is not the decision itself. In fact, the moment before you decide to dive into a cold lake is usually gut wrenching, right? Instead, it’s the commitment to staying in—to fully submerging (ha) yourself in the choice.


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