Lakeside Tavern & Brewery


Is there any better way to celebrate sunny summer weather than drinking beer on a lakeside patio? I swear Minnesota was trying to apologize for subjecting me to winter weather.

Lakeside Tavern and Brewery served as my Sunday afternoon haunt, and it did not disappoint. I enjoyed the Boardslid Upslide IPA (ABV 6.2%)—complete with hops galore and a grapefruit slice—as I soaked up the sun. While environment can always enhance a beer experience, this brew truly stood out on its own.

The brewpub’s primary business is food, and it even has a few non-craft beers on tap, but that doesn’t keep brewer Nick Murray from making a (great) statement with his beer.

The 2.5bbl brewhouse might appear modest, but Murray and his brewing partner, Jason Schott, put it to work. And by work, I mean brewing enough beer to support 13 lines. Keeping that many lines full is a feat for a brewer of any size, but especially for Lakeside, whose rush of summer tourists is about to put them to the test.

Murray offered me a piece of advice he’s picked up in his brewing adventures: “Attitude is everything. When people ask me how I’m doing, I always tell them ‘Never bad!’ I make beer for a living, so if people ever find me complaining, they can kick my ass. Having a good attitude is really important, and people feed off the positive energy you give off.”

It seems that Murray learned perspective is everything, too. He’s living a damn good life (from what I could see) and making some damn good beer while he’s at it, and he appreciates it all. Even in situations as simple as responding to a common greeting, a small shift in your attitude can give a whole new perspective to your life.

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