Disgruntled Brewing


Perham MN is anything but a stone’s throw from my home in Minneapolis, but adventures like this one are the reason I love this blog.

I rolled in to Disgruntled Brewing around dusk on a warm, early summer evening. The taproom’s location was a bit…discreet, a fact that only improved the experience. After ordering a flight of six equally impressive beers, I made my way to the woodsy patio for hammerschlagen (aka the best game known to humankind) and bags. (Cornhole? Debate in comments.)

My favorite beer of the lot was Stupid Good (ABV 6.5%, IBU 70)—a hazy IPA packed with tropical flavors. While each beer on the paddle was delicious, and I balanced them so carefully I might have appeared inebriated before I even started, this one especially stood out. Maybe it was the combination of funky fruit and warm weather, or perhaps it was just my precision on the hammerschalgen log, but it made for a great night.

I received advice from one of my beertenders, a younger woman who knew the regulars like I know the checklist of NE Mpls breweries. She told me, “Do what makes you happy. When people are in a situation where they don’t know what to do because they’re trying to make other people happy, that’s what I tell them.

“In college, everybody was telling me to do a four year degree or to do a certain program that would make me more money. But, I waited it out to do what was right for me. I’m going to a tech school right now, and I just got accepted to do my RN degree. Now, I’m on my way to becoming a nurse!”

Her story struck me because not only did she wait to do what was right for her, she said no without offering an alternative. I think it can be hard to walk away from one path that doesn’t serve you with no Plan B or safety net. I admire this young woman for her fortitude and for defining herself with patience and strength.

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