Third Street Brewhouse


The small, brick taproom of Third Street Brewhouse is located just off the beaten path in Cold Spring, MN. As the craft beer division of Cold Spring Brewing, Third Street has quite a bit of force behind it, despite its modest appearances.

While in the taproom, I sampled the Hop Lift IPA (ABV 6.2%, IBU 60) and the Sugar Shack Maple Stout (ABV 6.5%, IBU20).

I asked the pair of Saturday afternoon beertenders for advice. One told me, “I have a son now, and it’s taught me to live in the moment and focus on who you’re with instead of cluttering your life with other stuff.” The second added, “In yoga at the brewery today, the instructor said to just let it go, which fits with that and goes with a lot of other things in life.”

I think there is serious goodness to be found in “letting go” of much that we hold on to. Oftentimes, I see this phenomenon framed as “saying ‘no’ more often”. However you choose to interpret the lesson, a more minimalist lifestyle usually leads to contentedness and satisfaction. That being said, it’s easy and tempting to get sucked into a busy schedule filled with appointments and commitments¬†of minimal big-picture importance. Simply letting go of that kind of life clutter not only brings you calm, it also reveals to you that which is the most important in your life.

If you’re like me, the curtains might be pulled back to reveal that you just really like beer. And that’s okay.

Third Street.png

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