Bad Habit Brewing


Craft beer and college towns are a match made in heaven. In a sunny taproom, folks of all sorts proved that fact as they gathered to share in the experience we call beer.

Bad Habit Brewing, located in St. Joseph, is the result of one man turning his bad habit into something more. Now, that’s something I can identify with.

As I settled in with a couple of friends and the Awkward Family Photos board game, owner Aaron Rieland served us a round. He told me, “If you want to have some fun, try the IPA.” So, as a fun-loving person, I said yes. The first words out of my mouth after tasting it? “Holy shit!” Then, “Sorry!”

The hops in this brew (ABV 5.7%, 71 IBU) sure packed a punch, but the beer lacked any of the negative effects of too much hop (trust me, it’s a thing–even for IPA lovers). I’ll attribute the effect to the excessive dry hopping and some mighty fine brewing.

When I asked Aaron for a bit of advice, he was cleaning glasses behind the bar and taking orders. He told me, “Surround yourself with good people who help you along the way. I’ve learned that from starting this business. Whether it’s friends or family or a great spouse, just have good people.” As he mentioned his spouse, Aaron tapped his wedding ring and got a glimmer in his eye that gave the effect of the full two hours of The Notebook wrapped into one moment.

If a guy gets to spend his Saturday serving beer he brewed himself, and he has a wife that makes him feel like that, I’ll listen to anything he tells me. He’s obviously got something figured out.

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