Beaver Island


If you need proof that looks are deceiving, head to Beaver Island downtown St. Cloud. The taproom is located in a strip mall that also houses a Chinese food buffet and a DVD store. But, step into the taproom, and you’re in beer paradise.

While the exposed brick and rough sawn walls of Beaver Island are beautiful, the centerpiece of the taproom is a refurbished antique lubrication service station. It was salvaged from storage in the brewhouse, which used to be a car showroom. The 50s effect is amplified by the bowling alley bar top, which inspired the naming of their “Lane 5” beer. The retro twist is a breath of fresh air in the parade of rustic taprooms.

I enjoyed a Revolution II IPA, a solid beer–well balanced despite being packed with hops. My advice came from a friendly face behind the bar, who offered me wisdom that makes me blush to publish on the internet. But, if I put it in quotes, nobody can hold me responsible for it, right? I suppose we’ll find out.

With a toothpick dangling below his handlebar mustache, my beertender told me, “If you can’t fuck ’em, fuck ’em.”

I usually try to draw insight from the advice offered to me, but I think this one stands on its own. So, I’ll let it do that.

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