Schram Vineyards Winery & Brewery


The drive was long, and you have to navigate the kind of dirt road romanticized in country songs to get there, but Schram is worth the trip. Even on a damp, dreary evening, passing through the wall of pine trees and into this booze haven will make you stop in your tracks. The taproom overlooks an expansive green hill that rolls into a peaceful lake.

I settled in under the warm glow of bar lights at dusk, sipping on a Dark Horse Stout, which gives the effect of warming yourself by a fireplace.

My motley crew enjoyed good conversation, (too loud) laughs, and a couple rounds of great brews. I finished my evening with a Puddle Hopper IPA.

I solicited advice from the folks behind the bar, who offered me a well-balanced take on financial well-being from young adulthood through retirement. My official advice, however, came from Bruce. He told me,

“Do a lot of personal development. You’re constantly learning, and it helps you deal with the hard times as well as the good times.

“I started reading ten pages of good books every day. I’ve been doing it for about three years now. It just makes you a better person. If someone would have told me when I was your age what impact would have on you as a person, I would have started it many years ago.”

So, now I’ll ask you – what is the most influential book you’ve ever read? In the spirit of transparency, I’ll tell you I’d much rather read Bossypants than Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.


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