Urban Moose/Urban Lodge

On an unexpected date night, Urban Lodge pulled through in a big way. After drivingĀ over an hour for beer and dinner, we arrived in Sauk Rapids ready to imbibe.

After ordering a burger (and brussels sprouts, because balance) I got to work on my flight of beer.

My flight consisted of:

  • River Crossing Pale Ale (ABV 4.6%, IBU 35)
  • Lagrangian Point IPA (ABV 6.2%, IBU5.75)
  • Rock N Block Belgian Triple (ABV 6%, IBU 40)
  • Alpha Acid Theory IPA (ABV 7.1%, IBU 60)
  • Dancing Rapids Russian Imperial Espresso Stout (ABV 9.7%, IBU 60)

Though the entire flight was impressive, my favorites were the Lagrangian Point IPA, which was unique, sweet, and piney; and the Rock N Block Belgian Triple, which was well-balanced and paired well with my platter of entrees and appetizers.

My server, a young and energetic guy, offered me his advice given by his grandfather: “Find something you like to do and somebody who will pay you to do it.” I learned his grandfather was a granite technician who traveled the world doing what he loved–doing beautiful things with granite. Now, his grandson is going to school for real estate in hopes of launching a career in development or community planning.

So, if somebody wants to pay me to write this blog, just send me an email.


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