Canal Park Brewing

I kicked off beer day number two with a short run (seriously…who would ever run in Duluth…so many hills) and a walk around the lake. 50° in February is a serious treat, especially when you’re forced to spend time outside because apparently people don’t like to drink beer at 9am.

Once Canal Park Brewing opened, we were some of the first inside. The brewpub, however, was quick to fill up. To accompany my late-morning beer, I ordered quesadillas (because, you know, balance). The Stoned Surf IPA (ABV 65, IBU 7%) was a solid brew, though possibly too ambitious for a pre-noon beer.

My server was quick with her advice. She told me, “Pack light…don’t hold on to too much.” As I move further and deeper through the world,  I am beginning to understand how a person accumulates (literal and metaphorical) baggage over the years. As we gain more responsibility, gain new experiences, and take on new griefs, traces of that baggage accumulate. Now and then, we need to make a conscious effort to release that baggage. To breathe.


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