Lake Superior Brewing

In an unsuspecting business center just South of downtown Duluth, you’ll find  Lake Superior Brewing. The unassuming taproom serves up some of the best talked-about beer in town.

During my conversation with Dale, the owner, I enjoyed a Golden IPA. While Dale and I conversed, he told me his story of working with Lake Superior Brewing. The brewery opened in June of 1994, and Dale joined the team in December of 1995–making him the oldest brewery floor employee in the state. When he started, the brewery was selling pints for 36 cents.

After suffering from four years of chronic pain, and now being one and a half years out of chemotherapy, Dale is still going strong at the brewery. When I asked for advice, Dale told me, “I’ve been too involved in this place for too many years to have advice that isn’t about beer.” Despite that sentiment, Dale has quite the perspective on life. Near the end of our conversation, Dale spoke to me of him and his wife, “We’ve got everything we need. Our needs are simple.” Damn if that’s not what it’s all about. Good beer, a beautiful lake, and a happy marriage.

Dale’s official advice to me came from a quote he once heard. He says, “I read it at the Caithness Glass Works visitor shop in Perth, Scotland in 2002. It was a kid’s book entitled A Father’s Advice for a Daughter which went as follows: “There is no right way to do the wrong thing.” I have always believed that idea but had not seen it condensed like that.”


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