Foxhole Brewhouse

Shivering off the cold rain and foggy night, I stepped into an unassuming building in downtown Willmar. As I passed through the door, the environment exploded with energy. Foxhole Brewhouse bustled with beer drinkers and friends on this January Friday night.

I bellied up to the bar, grabbed the most recent copy of The Growler (and saw my photo in it!), and ordered an Amarillo IPA (ABV 7%, IBU 63). With a simple grain profile, the Amarillo hops jump out of the glass; citrus flavors complement the smooth bitterness.

Eva, my beertender, offered me a unique set of advice. First, she told me to always hire a PI when dating someone new. I don’t think I need to tell you that this advice led into a fascinating and winding tale.

Eva also offered me the advice to, “Never make assumptions.” She had been reading The Four Agreements, and one of those agreements is to never make assumptions. Eva wrote the rules on her mirror as a daily reminder to live them out. “When meeting new people, or even knowing someone for a while, not making assumptions can prevent a lot of miscommunications.”

As a baby-faced blonde girl walking up to strangers in a bar (oftentimes burly, bearded dudes), heaven knows I’ve benefitted from a lack of assumptions made about me. Or people are good at hiding them. Either way.

Also, if you want to learn more about Eva, check out her art here!



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