Roundhouse Brewery

Railroads and old rail yards are easily romanticized. And, after seeing Roundhouse Brewery, it’s easy to see why. Towering ceilings, textured brick, and tables made with enormous wood planks all create an atmosphere made for drinking beer (and feeling like you might be at a warehouse party while doing it). However, Roundhouse didn’t always have that warm cozy vibe; they worked pretty hard to make it happen. (Read their story and see photos in The Growler.)

Beer warms the body, but it also has a way of warming a room. At Roundhouse, a couple of great hoppy drinks proved that to me. I tried both a Cinder Dick IPA (5.8% ABV, 76 IBU)–please click here for description–and a  Golden Spike IPA (8.9% ABV, 87 IBU).

Properly warmed up with a couple of beers (and well-fed by a McDonald’s in the local Wal-Mart…don’t judge me), I asked my beertender, Christine, for a piece of advice. She gave it to me real: “Life really isn’t that hard. You just have to get away from all the negativity; that’s something you realize as you grow up.”

As Christine delivered this advice, and the stories that came along with it, it was clear to me that she had internalized it long ago. Working in a brewery, as I’ve learned, is a pretty easy way to walk that talk, too.


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