Jack Pine Brewery

After a long drive and one very expensive speeding ticket (I maintain my relative innocence!), I arrived at Jack Pine Brewery. Needless to say, I needed a beer.

The cozy taproom at Jack Pine Brewery served me up just how I needed it. A Mosaic Pale Ale (ABV 6.6%) hit the spot, and throwing some punches with a few rounds of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots worked out my frustration with my speeding ticket.

The taproom, relatively small, was packed with families, groups of friends, and visitors like myself. The range of beers on tap made it easy to share the brewery experience with a diverse group of drinkers. Testing it for myself, I also sampled their Helles, which was just as good as, but still vastly different from, my Pale Ale.

I requested a bit of life advice from the young fella behind the bar. By way of response, he relied on the brewery’s trusty motto: Try to wow people in everything you do. Whether you’re a small operation or an¬†enormous, established brewery, Jack Pine thinks you should work hard to produce great beer.

The same goes for people – whether you’re grocery shopping or making the biggest work presentation of your life, you have the potential to make an impact. ¬†Those are the people and businesses worth spending your time around.

Jack Pine.png


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