Lupine Brewing Company

Just a block from South Fork Brewing Company, Lupine is situated in a building built in the early 1900s. The taproom is cozy with exposed brick walls, murals and art, and a curved bar. Named for the wolves native to Minnesota, Lupine asks you to become a part of their “Pack”.

Here, I enjoyed a few samples, including the Ambush Vanilla Chai Porter (6% ABV, 25 IBU) and a Hell Hounds Helles (5.8% ABV, 19 IBU). Though I’ve never had a chai tea, I appreciated the spiciness and balance of the Ambush. As for the Hell Hounds,  the beer description accurately calls it “a thirst-quenching lager that emits enough traces of citrus aroma to peak your interest.”

When I asked for advice, I was pointed to a bartender in a Santa hat. Wendy, a life coach, told me, “Follow your intuition. Your feelings and beliefs guide you through life–they are all you have. If something in your life feels bad or not okay, it’s because you have belief patterns telling you something is wrong.”

Wendy told me about a colleague who quit a job as the VP of one of the top engineering firms in the world to become a life coach. He had once lived and worked on all six habitable continents, and now spends his days living at the beach and working from his phone.

I learned in Delano that, whether you are following your intuition or your heart, there is some guiding force within each of us that is greater than our learned world.



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