Wicked Wort Brewing Company

If you’re trying to settle in for a weeknight of good drinking, follow me to Wicked Wort. Just north of Minneapolis, the taproom is a spacious, funky venue with ample parking (something I’ve come to appreciate since living in Uptown).

Per the recommendation of a previous patron, I ordered a Peg Leg Baltic Porter (ABV 9.8%, IBU 35). The brew is just enough to knock you off your feet, but in the most pleasant way possible.

I also tried the Dumble Dortmunder Export (ABV 5.9%, IBU 32), which proved a refreshing contrast to the Peg Leg. The light and fruity notes offered just enough flavor to give pause, but not so much to overpower you.

I asked my beertender, a friendly gal behind the bar named Katlyne. She told me,”Drink beer in as many places as you can.” Soon, she will be visiting several European countries¬†with her boyfriend, and she plans to drink beer in each one. “It’s so fun to go into a bar and hear people’s stories. You can talk to someone for 30 minutes you learn so much!”

Well, Katlyne, great Katelyn’s must think alike because that’s exactly what I’m trying to do.


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  1. GrantJM says:

    Ditto. Taken the boys out to Wicked Wort a couple times. Sounds like it’s time again


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