Wabasha Brewing

Drawn in by a beer called “Hey Man”, I met up with two of my college friends (sisters?) for a beer at Wabasha. Seriously, this blog is a great reason to drink with my favorite people.

After sneaking samples from all the beers in my friend’s flight, I settled on a Cathedral Porter. Needless to say, coffee beers are making a splash this year, and Wabasha is pretty high on my list (I’m also lookin’ at you Summit and Urban Growler). This rich yet balanced beer was exactly what I needed on a brisk fall evening.

When I asked my beertender for advice, she promptly shouted down the bar to a man in a red bandana. With no hesitation, and a bit of a shit-eating grin, he told me “Drive fast; take chances.” Turns out, this guy’s name is Tiki and he’s a co-owner of the brewery. Coming from the guy drinking beer he made at a bar that he co-owns, looks like taking chances┬ácan work out pretty well.


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