Maple Island Brewing

I know little river towns are all charming (and all quite similar…I should know, I grew up near one and went to school in one), but isn’t Stillwater just the cutest?

Sitting on the patio at Maple Island Brewing means enjoying crisp fall air and beautiful views of fiery trees over the river. Sounds pretty great, right? Add in a White Butt IPA (helloooo, mosaic hops РABV 7%, IBU 60) and a game of hammerschlagen, and you have yourself the perfect Saturday afternoon.

A woman named Carol took a break from her work behind the bar to offer me a piece of advice. Her response to my inquiry was quick and natural: “Treat everybody the way you want to be treated. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if everybody did that?”

While the ‘Golden Rule’ is widely known and understood, I am intrigued that this was Carol’s natural response to a query for advice. Her inclination to turn towards kindness and justice is deeply heartwarming. Responding with a negative answer (eg. advice¬†beginning with “don’t”) or a combative sentiment (eg. “screw what other people think”) is easier and more intuitive for some people, but not Carol. Be like Carol.

(*It should be noted that my go-to advice is “don’t be a dick” which is terribly negative and also demonizes male body parts which isn’t cool either. Maybe one day I’ll be more like Carol. Until then, I’ll just try to not be a dick.)


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