Lift Bridge Brewing

For how iconic Lift Bridge Farm Girl is in Minnesota, I had never made it out to the brew’s point of origin. It was about time I spent a couple hours at Lift Bridge Brewing!

Except I didn’t get a Farm Girl…because I saw the name “Harvestor Fresh Hop IPA” and I was wearing a flannel+I love fresh hopped IPAs. Can you blame me?

I hung out in the small (but very cute, north-woodsy) taproom, enjoyed flights, and played a painfully embarrassing game of corn hole.

The staff was busy with an influx of Saturday afternoon customers, but I managed to solicit a few pieces of advice. The first induced a belly laugh, but is not fit for publishing on the internet. The second and third fit together like two peas in a pod:

“Drink good beer.” – Chris

“Drink more beer.” – Jennifer

While I’m sure Jennifer was trying to sell me an extra pint as I pestered her at the bar (jokes, I promise), I think there is something to be said for exploring Minnesota’s burgeoning craft beer market. We should all take this opportunity to drink more good beer. There is plenty of quality beer at our fingertips (or a beautiful road trip away) that invites us all to experience something adventurous and new. It doesn’t hurt to try–and learn–something new!


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