Lift Bridge Brewing

For how iconic Lift Bridge Farm Girl is in Minnesota, I had never made it out to the brew’s point of origin. It was about time I spent a couple hours at Lift Bridge Brewing!

Except I didn’t get a Farm Girl…because I saw the name “Harvestor Fresh Hop IPA” and I was wearing a flannel+I love fresh hopped IPAs. Can you blame me?

I hung out in the small (but very cute, north-woodsy) taproom, enjoyed flights, and played a painfully embarrassing game of corn hole.

The staff was busy with an influx of Saturday afternoon customers, but I managed to solicit a few pieces of advice. The first induced a belly laugh, but is not fit for publishing on the internet. The second and third fit together like two peas in a pod:

“Drink good beer.” – Chris

“Drink more beer.” – Jennifer

While I’m sure Jennifer was trying to sell me an extra pint as I pestered her at the bar (jokes, I promise), I think there is something to be said for exploring Minnesota’s┬áburgeoning craft beer market. We should all take this opportunity to drink more good beer. There is plenty of quality beer at our fingertips (or a beautiful road trip away) that invites us all to experience something adventurous and new. It doesn’t hurt to try–and learn–something new!


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