F-Town Brewing

F-Town Brewing, located in the small southern Minnesota town of Faribault is obviously a local favorite. Located walking distance from some fantastic cheese curds (shoutout to The Deopt), F-Town’s large brewhouse is complemented by a modest taproom and a patio.

I treated myself to a flight of unique beers, enjoyed in the chilly sunshine of fall.

The lone beertender offered me the advice to “be adventurous and try new things.” While she offered this wisdom in the context of beer, I believe her advice can also be used as a lens during everyday experiences.


Finding adventure within my daily life is the goal of this overly ambitious blog, and it’s something I strive to do regularly. Oftentimes adventure comes in the form of plans gone awry or spontaneous activities that require me to get my butt off the couch.

The prospect of adventure rarely seems attractive from the comforts of an afghan, which is why I find the need to train myself to seek it. Soon, adventure and all the experience that accompanies it will become a habit.

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