Flat Earth Brewing

On an easy Tuesday afternoon, I swung by Flat Earth brewing in Saint Paul. This funky taproom is in a next level obscure location, and is filled with equally random furniture.

Windows from the front space look out on a rainbow of fall colors, while the back patio opens up to a ruinous patio that looks like a scene from a post-apocalyptic video game.

I enjoyed a half pint of the Black Helicopter, an oatmeal stout (5.2% ABV). This solid beer saw me through a self-guided tour of the eclectic taproom.

Thanks to the low traffic, I got the full attention of Shawn, the beertender. He offered me the advice “Taste something outside your comfort zone. You can always do the same thing, but more people find more satisfaction out of something different.” Shawn feels about craft beer the way he feels about craft beer, there are endless possibilities. Even the prospect of a grilled cheese (yum) can be an adventure if you’re willing to push the boundaries.

Perhaps pushing yourself outside your comfort zone starts with beer, or maybe it begins with an email, or a new hiking trail. Wherever your comfort zone ends, let your new adventures begin.


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