Grand Rounds Brewpub

Grand Rounds sits on a busy intersection in downtown Rochester. Enormous windows filled with growlers look out on restaurants and high school kids leaving for homecoming.

A few friends and I gathered on the patio to order food and beer. I opted for a Session IPA, Chicago dog, and cheese curds (always a good choice). Grand Rounds made for an easy place to enjoy¬†weather, nearby sounds of an Oktoberfest celebration, and one another’s company.

Nora, a friendly face behind the bar, offered me her advice. “Try new beer and go outside your comfort zone with beer. Try local and locally sourced beer, and support local business that way.

“Also, get a beer with a stranger. It’s the true pub experience.” I asked Nora if she had followed her own advice. “Hell yeah! It’s the best way to drink beer, other than with friends.”

Nora topped off her advice by sharing a new beer with me, a stranger. Cheers, Nora!



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