Forager Brewery

Forager Brewing is a wonderful gem in the beer world and holds a special place in my heart. I was lucky enough to watch the story and work of Forager unfold in its early stages, which means I have a pretty good idea how much heart, sweat, and genuine teamwork went into building this brewery.

In addition to being generally a pretty cool part of the Rochester community, Forager also makes some kick-ass beer and food that is locally sourced to the extreme. Between the fresh, seasonal ingredients and the talented teams of the kitchen and brewhouse, it’s hard to be disappointed.

On the day I asked Austin Jevne (head brewer and cool guy) for his advice, I was drinking a Haka IPA (ABV 8%, IBU 50). Having spent two weeks in New Zealand and learning a haka for myself, it was doubly hard for me to resist this unbelievable IPA.

Austin gave me advice during the middle of him doing his actual job, which he graciously paused for me. “Make your own choices, rather than following what’s trendy. I try to do what’s right for me based on my own experiences, not what other people value. I’m trying to do that right now. Obviously there are limitations on physical space and realities, but I do the best I can.”


I don’t know if I can accurately distill Austin’s advice into a quippy sentence. He artfully addresses the need to drive your own path, but tempers the ambition he describes with “I do the best I can.”

I hope to one day find the balance of drive and contentment, independence and happiness. Until then, I’ll raise a glass to the folks who help me on the journey to that point.

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