Bald Man Brewing

Thanks to a membership with Craftapped, I found the perfect day to head down to¬†one of Minnesota’s newest breweries. Bald Man Brewing is located in Eagan, making it a bit of a hike, but the beer quickly proved itself worthy of every mile driven. The food truck selling burritos stuffed with tater tots didn’t hurt either.

I ordered a Calibration IPA, a crisp brew that was actually the first recipe made on their new system. I also got to try a Tupelo Honey American Brown Ale and a Misty Mountain IPA.

My advice came from Dan Jacobs, the founder of Bald Man Brewing. Despite being a man with plenty of business experience, his advice tended away from work. “Enjoy life, especially friends and family,” he told me.


Bald Man Brewing is just one of Jacobs’ many successful business ventures, but it is also the closest to home. The brewer (and namesake for the brewery) married into Jacobs’ family, his daughters work behind the bar, and one daughter designed the logo and painted the beautiful murals in the brewery.

While it may be one of the most cliche lessons about success, Jacobs’ advice serves as a prodding reminder of what is really important — beer, and life.

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