Angry Inch Brewing

After a day of homecoming festivities, I dropped by Angry Inch Brewing in Lakeville for a beer (and plenty of popcorn). I enjoyed a rowdy game of Heads Up, a Four Horseman Wet Hop IPA, and an Angry Inch Pale Ale…none of the three disappointed.

And, because drinking with friends is the best way to enjoy a beer, I also got to try Samoan Kisses (a chocolate and coconut milk stout on nitro) and What’s Your Weiss.

The beer and atmosphere made for easy drinking on a lazy Saturday with friends.

My advice came from Jon Erickson (owner and head brewer), who told me “Everything you learn in life is useless…” *dramatic pause* “…unless you teach it to someone else.” Jon works (or worked?) at Northern Brewer, a homebrew shop, where he has taught more than 200 homebrewers his tips and tricks for brewing.


SpeakingĀ as someone with a lot to learn about the world, whether it’s brewing tips or life advice, try to follow this advice and pass along your knowledge to someone like me. It might impact them more than you know.

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