The Freehouse

Though I had been to Freehouse multiple times for various indulgent brunches and birthday dinners, I had never gone specifically for the beer.

Packed with people, as it usually is – regardless of the day, we tucked ourselves in the waiting area, planning food and beer pairings. I ended up with a Bison Blue burger, fries straight from the heavens above, and a Belgian-Style IPA (7.9% ABV).

This IPA featured just about every flavor description available to an IPA: fruity yeast aroma; floral, spicy hop aroma; aggressive bitterness; and  a piney, earthy, citrus flavor. Needless to say, it was delicious.

My advice came from a server dressed in denim and suspenders. Paige, now almost 29, advised me to “invest early”. In case you were misled by her age, let me correct you – she means financially. Paige started investing at age 18 and purchased her own house by the time she was in her mid-twenties. She explained to me the value of home ownership of an investment, which is why she opted for it.


While I am tempted to translate Paige’s advice through some inspirational metaphor, I think doing so would do an injustice to Paige. Under 30, financially savvy, and completely badass. That should be inspiration enough.

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