Badger Hill Brewery

While Badger Hill was one of the first craft breweries I ever visited, it lands in the middle of this blog series. Settled in an industrial area across the street from Valley Fair (hello, middle school memories), Badger Hill packs a good punch in an unsuspecting location.

To the best of my knowledge, Badger Hill continually puts out great beer and has a quality overall brand. That’s why I was not surprised to find out the Shakopee brewery was selected to be a part of the Arrogant Bastard Hits The Road program.

Essentially, Badger Hill gained some pretty exclusive access to the Arrogant Bastard recipe (developed first by Stone Brewing, then kicked out to Arrogant Brewing). The only catch? The beer can only be sold in the taproom, and proceeds from every pint sold must be donated to support Foster Care to Success. Not a bad gig, right?

The beer turned out deliciously arrogant and served as the perfect catalyst for catching up with a long-time, wonderful friend. Giselle, the beertender, was even kind enough to pull the tap handle off for my glamour shots.

As the taproom filled up with locals after work, I approached Giselle for a tidbit of advice. Naturally, everybody at the bar chimed in as well. I heard nuggets such as Don’t get dressed in the dark, Always say yes to a bald man (from a bald man), and Bet on horse 7 in the 7th race.

Giselle approached me privately after some thought, and offered me a line that would sound cliche if not uttered by such an obviously caring and authentic person. “Be kind to everyone you meet,” Giselle told me. She offered little explanation, which further demonstrated how she values unconditional generosity and kindness.


It is here that I remind you of the message behind the Arrogant Bastard Hits The Road program: This world will be made better by me. It’s not my dream. It’s your reality. As I have made this planet a safe haven for those who thirst for more, I shall, through the brewing of these beers, support Foster Care to Success for they have undertaken to make the Earth a better place for those, who like me, are preparing to head out on their own.


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