Wenonah Brewing Company


You might not expect from a brewery on the outskirts of Minnesota, or from beer made in a converted convenience store/gas station; I sure didn’t. But, we’re both wrong. 

Wenonah Brewing Company (named after the traditional Native American spelling of the town’s name) is an unsuspecting taproom populated by motorcyclists, travelers, and locals. Half the taps are in a room behind the bar, and there’s not much by the way of reclaimed wood and edison bulbs (which are deeply popular), but there’s a space for live music, and the Twins game is playing.

I enjoyed a Root River Pale Ale (ABV: 6.5%, IBU: 54), a chateau malt blend with a pleasant balance of crystal and citra hops that helps to create a spicy and lightly citric finish. I followed the Root River with the Lemon Blueberry Shandy, a brew that proved unique and pleasant, far from sugary or fruity.

Owner and brewer, Steve Barber, offered the advice: Anybody opening a brewery should go the next size bigger than they want right away; you usually run out of space.

Wenonah.pngSince I’m not a brewer, I have to twist this advice a bit to make it relevant to myself. Every brewery I’ve been to is the brainchild of some passionate group of people; it’s a big like a dream come true.

Steve’s advice to those people attempting to build their dream, is about avoiding hesitancy, nervousness, and lack of faith in the pursuit of your goals. Essentially, don’t hold yourself back.

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